Angry Robot

Drum Tour,

Sigh. I’ve been working on a big review of GTA IV, but it’s taking me forever. I want to be thorough and fair. And you spend so many hours playing a game, it seems like a waste to review it in two paragraphs, so shit gets long. I also have perfectionist tendencies, so massaging every sentence of a multi-page review gets a little time-consuming and frustrating.

Anyway, long story short I decided I needed to stop making a big production out of writing for this site so much and just let some shit fly. I’ve been playing Rock Band solo drum tour; y’all still playing Rock Band? I sure as hell am. Besides actual band playing, I went through guitar solo tour on medium, about halfway through it again on hard and then switched to drums. I got some of those drum silencers (which work fabulously, by the way) and now I don’t feel neighbour guilt about banging the gongs for an hour or two here and there. I had done some drumming in band play so I just said fuckit, I’m doing this on hard, baby. And, wow. Best time ever. Look out, Pert and Bonham. I tore through the first couple cities without failing once. I even got 99% on one song. Now, shit toughened up for real around “Blitzkrieg Bop” – definitely had to practice a few. But I am committed to excellence now. And hey, it’s kind of a workout! Sorta.