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Movies on Canadian iTunes Store Now

Finally, eh? Movies, in both SD and HD, both for rent and to own, are now up inz the iTunes for the gentle-yet-rugged people of the True North.

As for pricing, Apple is charging $9.99 for catalogue title purchases, $14.99 for recent releases and $19.99 for new releases. iTunes Movie Rentals are $3.99 for library titles and $4.99 for new releases, with high-definition rental versions for an extra dollar. The rentals can be previewed, purchased and watched on iPod classic, iPod nano with video, iPod touch and on a widescreen TV with Apple TV.

Gizmodo claims the viewing period is now 48 hours, a huge improvement over the crippling 24 hours the service was offering in the US, but I’m going to assume that’s an error. Also, prices are from $1 to $5 higher than in the US, despite the dollar being at par… make of that what you will.