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Namco Bandai Game Trailers Activate!

Huh, yeah so Namco Bandai Editors’ Day happened…Games that give me pause: We Cheer, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge, and We Ski.

Does the phrase holy frakking child obesity batman mean anything to you?

I don’t know what bleeds my brain more, the fact that little girl gamers are going to be gender constricted even more, or that kids are going to be encouraged to jump up and down in front of the tv intsead of going outside to play.

That being said though, I’d totally take a crack at the skiing game…That just looks fun….like the gameplay, not the totally horrendous acting. The whole “look you can play with your kids and everything!” aspect of these trailers is just plain patronizing. Poor the children who dream their parents will actually spend time with them or vice versa for the parents. Let’s face facts here, many people who buy games for their kids usually don’t participate, they buy them to babysit. It’s sad, but I think very true.

Look you can be a super Cheer Girl too!

Mats, mats and more useless mats!

Minus the Bradys I’d totally play it…

Of course, the best thing to come out of the Namco Bandai Editors’ Day is this sexy beast with extra gameplay awesome footage:

Yes, precious, yes…

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  1. D says:

    “Hope redemption fear betrayal A A B A hope X X A double hope combo”

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