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M is for Mature

Well… this week I was feeling particularly cranky, so I decided to make Eyeless Max so very wrong in so many ways. Any problems with that? Well… shaddup…

So I unburied Crackdown this week in order to play it with D…

We discovered a few wonderful things you can do with co-op mode:

A) Car Surfing: Evidently wind plays no factor in the Crackdown world because while your partner drives you can easily surf atop a vehicle like you are wearing magnetic boots… You can also target the gas tanks of passing cars and, if your firearms skill in high enough, explode cars with a single shot. This is REALLY handy for dealing with cars full of gang members without having to get out and get shot up.

B) Orb Collecting: This isn’t really anymore useful in two player mode, but the extra set of eyes never hurts… you both collected your own orbs so they can’t be stolen from you, which is also pretty neat.

c) Random Road Races: Well, it doesn’t really help progress you in the game… in fact, if anything the pedestrians you will in no doubt slaughter on the way will only HURT your skill…. but it’s so damn FUN!!!

That’s not alot…
but I’m sure D has a few to add…

One comment on "M is for Mature"

  1. D says:

    I got on a little more yesterday because I’m so close to getting all the agility orbs my brain was nagging me to go get ‘em all. I found a lot in the volk area so I figured I should check the whole island, but they kept shooting at me so I wound up taking out all of their gang bosses so I could leap around without getting gunned down. Sad thing is though, I have like 15 yet to find… it’s going to be soooo hard. I can see finding all except one, then where do you look?

    I was thinking about whether there would be a sequel. Answer: no. However, the Realtime Worlds folks are working on APB, their gangland MMO and it sounds pretty crazy-awesome. I think my one major complaint about Crackdown is the ‘only two players’ thing. However, my biggest love is the out-of-control jumping, and I somehow doubt APB will have any of that.

    We need to do some more of the races, I think. That would be a blast. We were having plenty of fun just doing impromptu racing..

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