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Wii Rock Band: No DLC!

This really should be a WTF Wednesday post because it’s just so stupid. Why would you deny the basic and essential features for a game like Rock Band?

Stephen Totilo over at MTV Multiplayer got some answers and seems to think that there is an online future for the game on the Wii. I say if it’s not there when the gate opens trust nothing! All my friends who have the game have already downloaded additional songs. It’s like one of the first things you do! There’s five extra songs in this version. Five. Because that is a satisfying number.

Badly done Nintendo and Harmonix!

Badly done!

One comment on "Wii Rock Band: No DLC!"

  1. toku says:

    that is kinda stupid. Wii seems great for having all the older nintendo games available, but lousy on the downloadable content. I had the same thought about Smash Brothers, with the technology available they could have provided us with downloadable characters.

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