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Guitar Hero: On Tour aka The DS Version

So, since I am a Guitar Hero/Rock Band crazy person I was delighted to see the DS add-on for the franchise. At least I was for the first fifteen minutes.

Thinking about it more I actually think this game will frustrate me, maybe even make me feel silly playing it, which is something so far I’ve avoided. Even when Toku txts me (yeah, we txt at home sometimes…that is silly) and asks me why I’m typing so furiously in my room when in fact I’m just playing with headphones on, I still don’t feel silly.

This thing just looks…awkward. I’ll have to try it out (release date supposedly sometime in the summer) and maybe I’ll be over the moon singing daisies about it. But I have concerns yo. Concerns. Like my hand already gets sore after awhile and now I’m going to have to hold my DS in one hand and I know there’s gonna me serious wrist aching going on.

Also, that is the lamest video game commercial I’ve seen in recent times. Kids don’t jump around to play games, they sit and move as little as possible for as long as possible. Silly rabbit, exertion is for adults.

Child obesity, awesome.

(It’s actually not. It’s gross and terrible and if you have a kid they shouldn’t touch video games until they are fifteen and even then sparingly.)