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iPhone SDK Brings Promise of Games

Apple gave details of the new iPhone software developer’s kit today. 3rd party apps have only been possible as web apps so far, but now devs can make all kinds of stuff, and it will be distributed through the iTunes store.

A couple test games were demonstrated, one by Apple and one by EA. This could be pretty big. It’s not just the touch screen, the iPhone also has an accelerometer that detects the movement of the device – so for games, it’s like a DS crossed with a Wii. Even more interestingly, the iPhone can figure out its position in the world via cellphone tower triangulation, opening the door to some pretty crazy potential big game action. It’s a whole new platform!

3 comments on "iPhone SDK Brings Promise of Games"

  1. beaver says:

    i want you to know that i do read everything that you do here…i can never comment because i can never do it, without sounding my know-nothing-ness about the technologies of the voice communicator tellyfones or whatever.

    i have no frame of reference. i have no phone.

    but i think you are cool and smart and shtuff

    peace and happy snowstorm

    oh and your musics is AWESOME

  2. beaver says:

    oh but also, honestly, i haven’t read this one yet…

  3. D says:

    You have no phone? I don’t believe you. But thanks for the note beaver! I’ll rest assured, knowing you’re lurking out there somewhere, apparently phoneless..

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