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The "How to" of "Deja Vu"

We talked about Lost Odyssey in the last Robot Sounds. I personally think that the only major difference between the Final Fantasy games and this one is the colour palette. Lost Odyssey is all about the Magic Industrial look and Final Fantasy was about the happy pastels. True… there is a lack of Moogles and Chocobos in Lost Odyssey… but that’s a minor point.

I want this RPG system used in something NEW!!
Lets to an epic sci-fi story or something… I mean people… com’on. Hey Squaresoft and Mistwalker! I am chock full of ideas, hire me!

So I’ve decided to poke fun at this a bit. There are more elements you could jam into a stereotypical Japanese RPG. How about the love story with a beautiful princess/priestess/flower girl? or how about a dozen highly irritating mini-games like catching frogs, jumping rope, or marching? Oh yeah… I’ve got your number now, bitch.

regardless of ALL of this I am STILL playing Final Fantasy Nine and having a ball… I can’t help it… it’s like a drug..

3 comments on "The "How to" of "Deja Vu""

  1. Nadine says:

    Yes, I agree! I want rpg style epic sci fi adventures that are better than Mass Effect.

    Too Human will be good but it’s action adventure rpg…so that doesn’t totally count.

  2. elisabeth bennett says:

    man, i played final fantasy nine all this past fall.
    I like that brooding dread-locked guy mostly because for the first little while i didn’t realize he was brooding and thought he was hideously deformed.
    anyway, kouja is a flamer.

  3. toku says:

    lol, I am a slow player and I have not actually GOTTEN to the Dread-locked guy yet… I spend alot of my time running in circles and gaining xp.

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