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A Good Read: Ken Levine Interview and Other Things

The Escapist has an interview with Bioshock creator Ken Levine.

Very interesting! I wish there were more interviews like this on the web, like just chatting with game makers without all the bells and whistles of a new release. Like Inside the Actor’s Studio but wiith game makers…Hmm…

Also, in a silly misake while typing I ended up not at The Escapist, but The Escapist, a page dedicated to rpgs and larping. Once there I found The Square One Podcast which is a wee talk show for would-be gamers to learn the tricks of the trade as well as the traditions. I just thought the idea was darling. Teaching people to play role playing games via podcast, like isn’t that the sweetest thing? Trying to encourage others to use their imaginations. I’m not sure of the execution of the idea, but the heartfelt effort is pleasing to my inner eye.

Also check out this interview all about Lego and gaming! Two of my favourite things!

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  1. Sam Chupp says:

    tips hat We’re just trying to do good works.

  2. Nadine says:

    And you are good sir, you are!

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