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Nadine + Lost Odyssey = Super Nova?

Well, I’ve been out of Toronto for many a day and also without any of my worldy gaming possessions. So I’ve not touched the sexy, shiny four-disc adventure as of yet. It’s also a strict hardcore rpg. I fear those kinds of games.

Yet I want to play this one!

So, I borrowed it from my friend who works night shift and I just got back from waiting on a somewhat well-lit street corner of Toronto in the early am to pick it up. In freezing cold weather. See how much I’m giving to this game already? It not only owes me a back rub, but I better get some sweet addictive gameplay for my troubles.

I’m worried that I’m not smart enough to play the game. Or that I don’t have the gaming chops to pull it off. But I am going to try, hot damn, I am going to try.

So, after I sleep for a bit I’m going to start my day with a heaping bowl of rpg goodness.

I’m really going to try and hammer my way through this one. Blue Dragon was asking way too much of me…but I think I can handle this one.

Updates to come…