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Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Monday: Wii gets stolen.

Saturday: Xbox comes down with the red circle of death.

Next week: DS eats my face? Thumbs lost to flesh eating virus? Mac goes on a killing spree? Your guess is as good as mine!

4 comments on "Waiting for the other shoe to drop…"

  1. Nadine says:

    Oh dear gods…That is really, really terrible.

    If I could play Taps right now I would. I would.

  2. beaver says:

    i recommend getting a magic set of armour, with a cloak that hides you from evil, a backpack that eludes thieves and bites them in the crotch when they try to nick shtuff.
    if one of those isn’t currently available in the village for a reasonable amount of gems/rupees or whatever is in fashion for payment etc

    um, remember that these things come to pass.
    it comes to pass.
    so like even if it is the super crap it will not last, nothing shitty ever can.


    and keep the DS away from your neck…wash your hands really well often, say kind reassuring words to your mac, just like let it know that these things come to pass, and it will be okay – so no killing is needed.

    But also: BAWLS! for real, TAPS HO.

    buu be boo buu be boo
    buur be bur…buur be bur…burr be bur…

    (thats actually a trumpet)

  3. toku says:

    Perhaps the Terminal X-box will sacrifice its life to pay the ransom for the WII and you will get it back.

  4. D says:

    Maaan, just when you thought the suck couldn’t get any more sucky…

    Just protect that DS with your life. Don’t let the 360 anywhere near it.

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