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Devil May Weep…Er Cry

Okay so I don’t know jack all about the Devil May Cry series, and right now I’ve been estranged from my PS3 (it’s temporary but already I feel this horrible ache to have her back, it’s horrible really) and I’m not going to be playing it on the 360. Anyway, these dudes at PS3 Fanboy made a retrospective of the series and if you are like me and want to play the next installment but have no idea what it’s about, then enjoy.

2 comments on "Devil May Weep…Er Cry"

  1. beaver says:

    estranged eh, I don’t think I have played even an hours worth of a video game in like, all year!

    sick eh

    but thems my impoverished times.
    (not really poverty…but, it feels like that when you’ve been off the electronic sauce for as long as I have been)my reasons just don’t seem good enough, and yet my circumstance seems unchanged.

    oh console fairy, grant me my wish

  2. Nadine says:

    Luckily for you consoles are dropping in price bit by bit, bure more importantly than that the new ones are finally starting to be worth the hundreds and hundreds of dollars. In terms of the PS3 the Playstation Network is constantly delivering interesting and unique games. The PS3 itself has the Blu-Ray player, which will be very important in the cming years if you have an HDTV and want the best from your dvd viewing pleasure. The 360 is just hands down awesome. I mean Halo 3 aside, there are alot of key titles to play and Live Arcade has great oldies to enjoy and also new titles that tickle many a fancy. It’s just a really good time to be a gamer I think, and there’s plenty of time to get a console.

    Unfortunately, the urge to have more than one is powerful…PS3, 360, Wii. Oh how I wish for a one system future…Sigh.

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