Angry Robot

Angry Robot Sounds 9

Hello Internets!

A thrilling new installment of the action-packed, high-octane Angry Robot podcast experience. Topicz: our favourite new headscratcher of a game Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, Xbox Live vs. The Playstation Store / network thing, Blu-Ray wins but will inevitably lose to the Flesh Drive aka synthetic fat man full of hard drives who follows you around.

This episode features the debut of the Technical Difficulties Theme, on account of – you guessed it! Technical difficulties. Awesome!

Hay, I just noticed that the acronym for our new crush is KUF: COD. Catchy!

Next week we’re totally doing the podcast again and I’m gonna try to put EVEN MORE exclamation points into the writeup!!!!!!!!!

Angry Robot Sounds 9 (22MB mp3, 24mins)

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