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Just Say NO To Bioshock: The Redundant Movie

No no no no no no no.

I’m sure we talked about this in Angry Robot Sounds at some point because I was verily afeared this would happen.

This is not a good idea.

The game is already a movie.

Why do they have to cheapen everything?


It’ll be a two and half hours of uncovering the secrets of the splicers…badly…stupidly…horribly…oh gods…no please no!

One comment on "Just Say NO To Bioshock: The Redundant Movie"

  1. D says:

    I feel you, but I’m not sure I agree. I mean, Hollywood would do an ass-poor job of it, as they always do. But that said, a good film could be made of this thing. I found I was missing a lot of the back story as transmitted by the radio diary because of fundamental problems with that story dispensing conceit. As with event-triggered ‘radio’ voiceover (a la Halo), you can miss a lot if you’re in the middle of combat when the talking starts, since given the choice between fighting for survival and listening to the radio, your brain will thankfully choose fighting.

    Bioshock’s story would be better served by some sort of visual treatment of its rich backstory, anyways.

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