Angry Robot

Site News, and the Music is Smooth

So now we have articles from Nadine and Mark going on, the podcast. Quite clearly, the common thread here is games, so we’re going to run with that. To keep the site focused, I’m going to move some of the kinds of things I’d occasionally post over to Smooth Music. I’ll still post “digital culture” stuff here, so writing about facebook etc., but film, politics, and random bullshit will live over there.

As if that’s perfectly clear, there’s still some confusion with the feeds. The links you now see on the sidebar (which are links tagged with angryrobot) are no longer the links you’d get in the combined feed. And if you were to visit Smooth Music, there’d be some duplicates. I’m going to poke around and see if there’s a way to streamline all of this, so that you don’t all get pissed off and stop showing up.