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Fear and Loading at The Escapist

The failures of game journalism. It’s a subject that comes up frequently, perhaps because despite the birth of new games journalism, the usual mainstream subjects seem only to have gotten worse.

Not so, says Christian McCrea in The Escapist, because… well, I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps it’s because those who have “the inclination to make simple, human connections between technology and human truth” are already in good supply, as indicated by the links throughout the article to key NGJ writings. Those are worth checking out.

The one comment on the article (as of me writing this) takes issue with its reliance on mainstream sources, and thankfully counters with a list of good sites:

Arthouse Games
Only A Game
The Artful Gamer
The Cultural Gutter
Grand Text Auto

A couple of those are already in the blogroll, but I’ll make sure they all get there.

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  1. Michal says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the link. I do appreciate it, and I am glad to see that this matter seems to be getting some attention right now.

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