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Shut up about the iPhone already

Those lucky Americans have already gotten their iPhones. Here’s John gruber’s first impressions, and those of Steven Frank. Combine those with the critics’ takes that I linked to during the week, and… dude. It sounds pretty good, that’s for sure. There are weaknesses, such as the speed of EDGE and the virtual keyboard, but nothing deal-breaking.

We don’t even have a date for when this thing launches in Canada. No earlier than the fall, and it could be a lot longer than that. Also, Rogers’ data plans – and voice plans for that matter – are on the exorbitant side ($130 a month for a blackberry? no unlimited plans?). So we will all admire from afar. Which is not the worst thing in the world, seeing as the iPhone will definitely be revised within a year. Although the only things I’d be hoping for, realistically, would be faster data speeds, larger memory, GPS and third-party apps.

Oh, and I’ll do like the title says and shut up about the thing now. Maybe. It’s hard, it’s in my geek DNA.