Angry Robot


It’s been a while, maybe a year and a half, since I banged out a TXP site. The new version is swee-eet. The whole site runs on basically one page template and one stylesheet, which is nice. (The horrors of updating an MT site and having to sift through hundreds of little templates…) I’m glad to see the TXP community hasn’t faded away at all – they’re still making bitchin’ plugins of all sorts. I’d love to install tons of them, but the name of the game for AngRob – must never call site that again – is simplicity. My last site had too much shit going down, hence the “spinoff” and “rebranding”. There’s this bizarre bit of blogger psychology where you get turned off by your own design if it gets stale, or maybe you never really liked it but were afraid to tweak it for fear of breaking it and having it display all janky in Internet Explorer. Anyway, I had a bit of that going down, so I decided to make a new site, but a nice, clean, simple one. I’m loving it so far, I must say. Hopefully I will not be the only one.

Rambling! That wasn’t really about Textpattern at all. So back on point: I am building this up from a very basic place, step-by-step, being careful all the while. Not sure yet how to approach archives, whether to use tags or categories, but we’ll get there.