Angry Robot

Take Care of Yourself

catches own reflection in monitor

Dude, you’ve basically got feathered hair now.

Is it that hard to arrange a haircut? Sort that shit out! I mean, the 80s are retro-cool and all, but seriously. People are probably starting to feel sorry for you.

No, don’t WRITE about it! Just call the fucking barber! JESUS WEPT!

UPDATE: Mission accomplished. The feathers die 05/20 at 12pm.

7 comments on "Take Care of Yourself"

  1. TheDiscourse says:

    You know what guy? Feathered hair is not such a bad thing at all; it’s totally fun and people love to touch your hair. What’s better than lots of people touching your feathered hair? Rethink your rug-rethink.

  2. robot johnny says:

    “Look at that hair… beauuutiful girl hair….” – Space Ghost transfixed by Hanson

  3. D says:

    Whoa, too late. Now I look like a Nazi.

  4. TheDiscourse says:

    I think I was just overcompensating. Anyway, now you can’t possibly get lice!
    Is space ghost actually funny?

  5. D says:

    Also, I asked the hairdresser what ‘dos are hep with the kids these days, and she mentioned ‘feathered’. Along with mohawk, which I disbelieved. Wasn’t that last summer? What’s Beckham wearing these days?
    Hm, crew cut. She mentioned that, too.

  6. juice says:

    I really enjoy your hair cut strategy. It’s the one & only thing you’ll speak of doing for 3 months until it actually takes place. By the time you get a cut, I’ve once again fallen madly in love with the intense curly feather thang that happens when you ride your bike into the winds.

  7. D says:

    This time, I had to write about it in order to actually do it. Well, I guess in a couple months I’ll be re-feathered and suddenly hip.

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