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Music by the Boatload

This seems too good to be true. It’s an apparently legal Russian download site that charges by the megabyte – a cent per megabyte, to be exact. This reporter claims to have downloaded 56 full albums, which would cost a grand at the iTunes store, for $48 US. And he says nothing sleazy showed up on his credit card. That may be so, but when the three concepts “mp3 download” “Russia” and “credit card” come together in my brain, I don’t think “that sounds like a completely trustworthy, legitimate way to purchase music,” I think WARNING WARNING WARNING. (via gizmodo)

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  1. D says:

    There’s more here from Gizmodo, and it sounds pretty good. They take PayPal, which seals the deal right there. I actually did sign up, but there were so many server timeouts that I lost interest before actually downloading anything.

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