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Blog Avoidance

I have been scarce, and will get scarcer. I blame work, and work, and work; but next week I blame Cuba. If I have ignored you, dear reader and friend, rest easy – if only in the knowledge that I will right any wrongs upon my return to the grey mulching shit-smelling heck-hole that is Torontopia in April.

5 comments on "Blog Avoidance"

  1. eL says:

    Hurry back, wouldja man? As it is Dong Resin’s drawing his hiatus out like a US-occupied Iraq… it’s ridiculous.

    Happy landings and a safe return.

  2. adam says:

    Admit it. This whole time you’re just going to be consuming sweet NHL playoff action like a suicidal diabetic eats candy.

  3. juice says:

    Hells Bells! Look out Cuba, here comes juicy + Dspot to shake shit up a wee bit. 31 hours to

  4. D says:

    The fact that I will miss a weekload of Toronto vs. Ottawa is killing me, sir. But life is sacrifice, is it not?

    I know I will return to a site chock full of shitty fake-person comment spam. I had to get rid of like 12 this morning… boo…

  5. adam says:

    I Tivo’d the game last night for a Toronto ex-pat, so if you’re ever in stinky Jersey, I’ll be recording the rest.

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