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If ever life gets you down, just think, you could’ve been born a bee. The workers are worked to death, the drones have sex once and die, and the queen must kill her sisters and mother and then lay eggs every second of the day. If she stops for a moment, the workers prepare her replacement. I guess it’s worth it for all the sweet sweet honey, not to mention the sweet sweet mandibular gland secretions.

2 comments on "Beez"

  1. king says:

    Man, what an awesome bee page dude!!!

    I wonder if the bees get pissed when all they do is work their fucking asses off their whole lives, and then along comes greedy man who says: thank you very much for all of your honey, we need something for our toast.

    The least we could do is throw the bees a few bucks.

  2. D says:

    I guess a pessimist would argue we are not so different. Apart from the sex/death part and communication via dance.

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