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Whoa. This is definitely worth checking out, if only to marvel at how a film like it got made – oh for the days of mainstream art porn, when Sir John Gielgud and a cumshot could be in the same film! (not his, thank god). McDowell-as-Caligula’s fancy thumbs up dance is a wonder to behold. As scandalous as it all seems, it’s mostly true, if we can trust the ancients’ testimony. Gore Vidal did a good job with the script, although watching a crazy guy fuck and/or stab people inevitably becomes tiresome past the two hour mark.

5 comments on "Caligula"

  1. Rasputin says:

    You neglect to include the opinions of d/shlong in your review.

  2. D says:

    If d/shlong could write, I’d be in the circus right now. As for the porno content, it might be appealing if you find maschocism and/or togas erotic.

  3. juice says:

    The thumbs up dance is Fanfukintastic!

  4. Is this the one where some big machine chops off people’s heads after they get stuck in shit and some guy sticks a rose is some other guy’s arse? Admitedly, I was caned when I saw the film (at least I think it was Caligula) but I don’t think I made those bits up. . .

  5. D says:

    Yes, that’s the one. I’m a bit hazy on the ass-rose action but there were plenty of other anal violations, so odds are that’s the one.

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