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Once Upon A Time in Mexico

Methinks Rodriguez is wearing too many hats these days: writer, director, editor, shooter, and scorer. I found the editing and possibly direction to be wack here: not only were many of the action scenes unintelligible, a lot of the plot was as well. It was definitely inspired by Tsui Hawk flicks, but he didn’t quite get it right. Talk about discontinuity. We get a shot of the street showing citizens rising up and repelling the military coup attempt; then a few shots of the action inside; next shot of the street and there’s no one out there! On the plus side, Depp is always fun to watch, and there’s some good humour here and there. All in all this is one of those films that sure isn’t boring, but it doesn’t mean anything or inspire in any way. Nor is it especially well made.

2 comments on "Once Upon A Time in Mexico"

  1. P-RON says:

    …I agree, a weak film, but shot in HD…

  2. D says:

    Yeah, I didn’t even know that until LeBro told me afterwards – and I saw it in the theatre. Good news for us.

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