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New… Writer's Block™

This block sits on your desk and prevents any writing from getting out! It provides 100% protection from writing, around the clock, in all weather conditions. It doesn’t need to be recharged or replaced. Not even the snappiest limerick or most passionate love letter can get through the Block – it’s unbreakable. You’ll love it so much you’ll bring it with you no matter where you go! Which is easy, because it’s also super-portable – it fits right in your head and works perfectly no matter where you are. Enjoy complete freedom from writing, with new… Writer’s Block™!

7 comments on "New… Writer's Block™"

  1. 11220 says:

    If we order one now will it arrive in time for christmas?

  2. D says:

    If you order one now, it’s already working deep inside your mind!

  3. eL says:

    I’ll order ten! No, wait, make it an even dozen; I know a lot of people who should have something like this. Any bulk discounts?

  4. D says:

    I’ll send you my Writer’s Block™ for free! Take it off my hands!

  5. eL says:

    I guess the “complete freedom” enjoyed with regards to the writing process will only get one so far, eh?

    Remember that Writer’s Block is the only real cure for Writer’s Cramp. So if I take it off yr. hands yl. just be begging for it back in a week when yl. be habitually typing in yr. sleep and carpel tunnel sets in. Ya just can’t win, ya know?

  6. It’s probably just coincidence, but Bill Watterson (sp?) had a similar thing in the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes. You can see for yourself in a sadly poor resolution image here: (though if you squint you can read it.)

  7. (btw, in the above URL, it’s the first and second strips on the right).

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