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House of Wigs


In my mind’s eye, the idealized Reader Of This Site is a big, fuzzy, amorphous, super-interested and -supportive monster who is always leaning forward, always nodding, and always about to say something but then never actually does because I always say what they’re about to say right before they even get a chance to say it! Which makes the Grimace kind of character laugh and clap its furry, declawed paws with delight. And then it gets naked and does whatever I say!!! Ignore that last part, that was supposed to be written in lemon juice and only visible to secret club members.

As I’m poring over this site, my self-image is all dressed as Adam West Batman and stroking its chin and muttering hmmm… Robin, could it be that… and then running it through the Compu-Tron 9000 Punch Card Expert and that’s when Robin goes eureka! – Robin being my – let’s see, gay ward is to paunchy pederast do-gooder as X is to self-image?

2 comments on "House of Wigs"

  1. jay says:

    So who is X?

  2. D says:

    Well, X is some sort of psychological phenomenon of mine – the source of that little ‘eureka’ voice. The author of that site, however, is someone whose regular site stopped updating a while ago, so I was thrilled to discover he was writing somewhere else on the sly (he talks about work & thus must conceal identity).

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