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Here's a Tip

Don’t write about a show before you see it, as it apparently sets off a hefty jinx. No-one got in.

6 comments on "Here's a Tip"

  1. impartial observer says:

    Should this really be an entry on its own? Shouldn’t it, like, be a comment on the last entry?

    Not that I care who wins or anythang…

  2. Impartial Observer 2 says:

    No! It’s good on it’s own.

  3. Impartial Observer 3 says:

    I’m with Impartial Observer 2. As a helpful tip this entry definitely constitutes a standalone post. The people need to know about blog-jinxes, or we are all doomed.

  4. Huge Crowd says:


  5. adampsyche says:

    I always thought it was bad luck to listen to a band on the day you are going to see them.

  6. D says:

    Never heard that one before, adam – I’m alarmed at all the bad luck I unwittingly brought upon myself over the years. Sad thing is, I’m hopelessly superstitious. Salt over the shoulder and all.

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