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Is it me or have I been getting the weirdest comments around here? And no-one who usually comments is doing so. Are people talking to me in secret code or what? “I NEED THE DIAGRAMS OF TV SANKEY MR 9163” – What diagrams, Alejandro? And what’s going on here? Plus, those crazy rip-loving teens have been sneaking into the GTA thread’s preceding post and leaving their little cries for help, giving me opportunity to use my new favourite phrase, “suck it”. Come back, regular readers, speak your mind! New commenters, let’s keep it intelligible! Or hey, let me in on the secret code we’re using, and let’s go nuts! Let’s get all freaky now! DIAGRAM TV STOP SALE PENDING BIRD IN THE OVEN STOP!

6 comments on "Comments?"

  1. Sibyl says:

    D, here is a pearl of wisdom I once found on a greeting card: “On Tuesday, the typewriter will choose the cottage cheese.”

    That is all.

  2. adampsyche says:

    I love it. And, if you should ever get wierd search referrals, never, never, never go out of your way to mention it. Trust me.

  3. D says:

    Adampsyche, hmmm… aren’t you that Iranian sex-nude guy?

    You poor, poor bastard. And the google magnet just gets stronger with every post.

    Sibyl – I’ve taken that axiom to heart and will be working it into my everyday life. Cottage cheese indeed.

  4. D says:

    Now these are comments. (via kaf)

  5. adampsyche says:

    Wow. That was cool.

  6. marijke says:

    this comment is my favourite. it’s so moving. with the poetic choice of phrasing, and the slightly uncomfortable hesitations, it just breaks my heart every time.
    i mean, with such an all-encompassing request left hanging defiantly in the air like that, how could Shahbaz (and his little shahbaz) not have responded?
    :(:(:(, indeed…

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