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New Apple Music Download Thing

So it’s finally here, and it looks pretty sweet: Apple Music Store, built into iTunes 4, and to top it off, new iPods. At first I thought, hey, a buck a song ain’t great. But looks like they’re charging $10 for full albums. That’s $15 CDN, and you typically can’t find anything except John Tesh for that price. (So goodbye HMV – I still hate you for charging me $25 for that KOS album.) As expected the interface looks great, and while there are copy restrictions they are far from draconian: play the music on up to three Macs, unlimited iPods, and burn up to 10 CDs (which basically means unlimited duplication if you don’t mind a little transcoding). Available in a year for windows, but I’m thinking it will remain iPod only at this time, turning it into a means of pimping iPods rather than Macs themselves. Interesting play. Sad part for us Canucks is that it’s US only for now – augh! Must be some loophole…

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