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Fly Ride Parable

So I’m all up in dude’s car and he’s like, “damn! my ride is dope!” Fo shizzy, I say, so open it up. He’s all like “hot shit this is the dopest ride! This shit is fucking new-school, I’m waaay up in this shit!” Spot on, I say, so let’s go. “Welcome to my world, bitch! You on the avant-garde now, sucka! You rollin’ with that new shit! Look what I can do! Look at me, mothafucka! Look at me mothafuckin’ go in my way-out new school ride!” That’s great, I say. We’re sitting in fucking park here, dude. Shuts up, already!

Thus those of us with weblogs should refrain from addressing their majesty too frequently.

2 comments on "Fly Ride Parable"

  1. marijke says:

    why? what’s wrong with your ride, D?

    I think it’s pretty sweet…

  2. D says:

    Ah, was just temporarily pissed off after reading a couple of webloggers who seem to do nothing but talk about weblogging. No big deal really, everything in its place and such, turn turn turn.

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