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Radar Brothers

I’ve half a mind to send the Radar Bros album to David Lynch. Listening to it is like taking a long, serene camping trip with an extended family of medievalist psychopaths, which I – I might be crazy but – I think he would enjoy. As the AMG reviewer notes, “never has anything so lovely been so frightening.”

Out on the lake there are children
Drowning with you

This line is what got me hooked, seeing them live when they came on after Destroyer at the Merge showcase in NYC last November. It’s from Rock of the Lake, probably the best song on the album and one that conjured up Lady of the Lake / Sword in the Stone imagery in my impressionable head, imagery that merged with this moment from the Viola thang at the Guggenheim, a merger that haunted me unassumingly.

Then you’ll awake in a room
The light from the pictures you burn will reflect in your shoes

That’s the part I imagine Lynch would like. We don’t know who this rock is, let alone what pictures he burns. Forget that, even; any implication that one is waking in a different place than where one laid one’s head, maybe that’s the essence of it. Slide that in there with their expert, simple countermelodies, the sweet singsong stareaway n’ smile voice of Jim Putnam, the acoustic strum, and sure, the – big Dr. Evil quotey fingers – “slowcore” “sadcore” Floydian deliciousness, and it Lynches me right up, old-skool.

8 comments on "Radar Brothers"

  1. ÿ says:

    “You are still evil, in my sword you’ll be caught,” has lodged itself in my brain. Turning blind corners in my neighbourhood, singing it at the top of my lungs – it’s made for some interesting moments.

  2. D says:

    I couldn’t figure that one out for the longest time. At first I thought it was “you are still evil, and – my sword – you’ll be cut,” my sword being some kind of Shakespearean swear (‘zwounds!). Then I realized it was “caught,” and only on seeing it written out in that AMG review does your interpretation present itself to me. Clearly I had my heart set on a Shakespearean swear. And if only “cut” wasn’t so clearly wrong. I love the specificity of threatening to cut someone. Not shoot, not hit, not even stab – you keep up that roughhousin’, and I’m gonna cut you. *pops switchblade*

  3. ÿ says:

    Don’t give it to Lynch though, k? He already has Marilyn Manson.


  4. ÿ says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean that.

  5. D says:

    Maybe you didn’t? Or didn’t mean literally?

  6. marijke says:

    that geocities page said that Massive Attack was only called Massive “due to the golf war”.

    we had a golf war?

    I bet our main offensive weapon was that guy in the Halls commercials…

  7. D says:

    I think curling attacked golf. Golf pulled out of the Comprehensive Rich Guy Sports Agreement with tennis; curling saw its opportunity and, with logistical help from bowling and air bases in wrestling, tried to wipe golf off the map.

  8. Jerms says:

    If only curling had been successful. I’ve always found golf very difficult to deal with; too much emphasis on landscape greenery and not enough on concrete and steel. Victory to Monster Car rally!

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