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"That shit is craccin off tha hizzle"

Y’all are familiar with d/blog’s own cult thread, right? The one where a bunch of idiot teenagers have trouble working their radios? Well, looks like adam‘s got one he’s been hiding, on the subject of the Snoop de Ville.

My fave comment:

In my country, it would take many oxen to pull such a car, were it to run out of petrol. Half of my tribe could sit in the “bitch seat” alone. And do you know how much grain the trunk would hold?

Most respected Mr. Doggy Dogg, please consider sending one of your fine cars to my village. We would grant you five of our women and Tp!ca, the village fool. He may wash your many fine cars for you.

Keeping it real in the motherland,


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  1. Hizzle says:

    My name is hizzle and i am down wit yo.

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