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Rap-Rap-Rappin Snack Hat with Gore-Tex and Bacon Flava

In this article, we learn that Rapsnacks plans to release a line of clothing. Then, I imagine, a film franchise based on the clothes which are based on the snacks which are based on popular music entertainers: “Jay-Z Vs. The Mummy’s Delicious Rapping Pullover.” The next logical step down the spiralling staircase to hell that is cross-promotion might very well be:

vomits tearfully

You tell me.

2 comments on "Rap-Rap-Rappin Snack Hat with Gore-Tex and Bacon Flava"

  1. mageebags says:

    Jay-Z II: The Mummy Returns with a Heapin’ Helpin’ of Piping-Hot In Herrre N’Awlins-style Chicken Fingers N’ Hoodies

    Ice-T’s Slammin’ Summer Ice Tea Chillers Meet Abbott and Costello’s Chinos

    Dude, Where’s My Glass of Wu-Tang Tang?

  2. D says:

    Tha Iron Godz vs. Mechagodzilla vs. The Iron Chef: Off Tha Hizzook Wit’ Squid Nuke Flambee: The Eyeliner

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