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sick JFK

JFK had colitis and severe osteoporosis, amongst other things, and ingested a complex coctail of antibiotics, painkillers and steroids just to function day-to-day.

It could well have turned out that if the public knew about how ill he was, he never would have been elected. This is what the Kennedys themselves feared, so they made a systematic effort to hide the fact that he had so many illnesses. It was a kind of cover up.

From a great Atlantic article that they have not made available online. However, there’s an interview with the author, Robert Dallek, which gives one the gist of it. (thanks to K for finding this)

4 comments on "sick JFK"

  1. K says:

    at least he didn’t suffer from winter vomiting disease

  2. D says:

    I can’t remember the name of the virus that had infected my grandmother’s building – Van Buren Virus keeps on popping in, but that’s not it.

    We need some more virus brands:

    Winter Nose-Berry Virus
    X-treme Dizziness Disease
    Poppin’ Papaya Virus
    Wet Hacking Flava Disorder
    Jimmy’s Snot Party

  3. D says:

    “I think I’ve come down with Jimmy’s Snot Party.”

    Yeah, that sounds good.

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