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I’ve moved, and as always my connection to Internet trails me by at least a week. This cockup is more serious than the usual Bell clownaround, so if I update infrequently, send hate mail to Bell.

When I’m jacked in again I have unrealistic plans for a redesign here and an upgrade to the latest MT release. Little tweaks I should mention: a new category, world, for the odd time I emerge from my cave of shallow self-interest. Also, email addies are now coded in such a way as to confound spam-facilitating harvesting spiders (what an image), so you shouldn’t worry about including an address when you leave a comment. Oh, right – no-one leaves comments any more. Forget it, then.

2 comments on "this n' that"

  1. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Dear Daragh – alias Gaius Julius Caesar, Proconsul,

    I’ve missed you; thank you for putting me in the picture about your current situation. I’m truly sorry to hear about your grievance and frustration over “Bell,” and hope you can get it sorted with them soon.

    In the meantime, I, your loyal and admiring supporter, will patiently await your interesting sounding new plans for your webblog site with great interest and anticipation.

    Yours most sincerely,

  2. D says:

    Patricia – it’s sort of sorted now, and hopefully I’ll start updating again next week. Okay, I know I said that last week, but I mean it this time. 🙂

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