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Mozilla, genius supermodel of browsers

Like JS, I love chimera, but now that I have mozilla all pinstriped, I’m in browser heaven, looking down at the rest of you poor sinners. Tabs? Yes, please. Pop-ups? Fuck that noise. (And now I can go back to all those craptastic pop-up-bloated sites I’d given up on.) I’m also grooving on NetNewsWire, BBEdit, OmniGraffle, and all of the Apple iWhatevers, which tend to be of extremely high caliber. Basically, OS X is now full of so many beautiful and usable programs that I want to spend my every minute geeking out, at a time when this is the last thing I have time for. Blast.

2 comments on "Mozilla, genius supermodel of browsers"

  1. JS says:

    Hmm, I may have to check out those pinstripes, they do look dandy.

    How are you finding BBEdit? I’ve heard folks rave about it for years.

  2. D says:

    Oh, it’s sweet. You can edit pages right off the server. That, and the power search and replace… powerful indeed. Yet it comes across as simple and useable. Great stuff.

    Here’s a question, though, for any Mozilla champions that may be reading: is there a way to get pages requested by other applications (i.e. clicking a link in an email) to not spawn a new browser window?

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