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rhyming dictionary

My duties at work compelled me to compose some horror poetry, and I found this most handy. But I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of maniac would “add RhymeZone to your toolbar.”

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  1. king says:

    I have been meaning to add rhymezone to my toolbar, for weeks! I even thought about it today but was too hazy and lazy and crazy to do so. I swear. I use it all the time to write non-informative, rhyming scripts targeted to mouth-breathers, in order promote the totally idiotic content that never relents and pays my rent, though it often torments….me. Though not as much, since I got in touch with Rhymezone — holmes? What a fucking stupid comment.

  2. D says:

    Ah, the tools of the trade –
    I appreciate that you relayed
    Your appreciation for this rhyming service,
    Making your comment far from worthless.

  3. mageebags says:

    As I sit here, drinking my juice of orange
    I think that …. um …. fuck ….

  4. Sassy says:

    Cool! I typed in Sassy and I got some really neat ones like gassy and assy – Perfect! That is hilarious, what a great site, will definitely be adding it to my tool bar.

  5. king says:

    Worthless and service — an imperfect rhyme
    Proving that you do not rely on rhymezone, not all the time,
    You go beyond it, you are more refined,
    and I found your sentiment, very kind

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