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The Toronto International Film Festival‘s about to kick into high gear, and lucky D’s sitting on a stack of tix. First off we’ll hit up Spun, then on saturday it’s Elvis and JFK vs. the mummy. Sunday rears its ugly head, and with it comes The Four Feathers, “helmed” by Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur. Monday’s a double-bill: Cronenberg’s Spider, then The Eye, by the beautifully named Danny and Oxide Pang. At that point, unless I get comped again, I sit out until friday’s Volcano High, a South Korean teen kung-fu picture I’m quite excited about (and it’s probably more exciting to call it Whasango!) So, that being that, I’ll write about films extensively over the next week, at the expense of everything else. But isn’t that really what it’s all about, here, now?

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  1. king says:

    Don’t forget Ken Park on Tuesday fag. I don’t know anything about it, which is rare, and good. Except that it’s by the director of Kids and Bully.

    Other than that, I shan’t be seeing any TIFF films (when you’re in “the know” you call it TIFF — trust me — I know a few shitheads who are in “the know”).

    That’s It Fuck Face. 1 fucking film. Film sucks anyway. I’m only down with live autobiography readings nowadays.

  2. D says:

    Oh, right. Thanks.

    Hey, man, if you’re really in the know you call the fest Jambolaya, but would my readers understand that?

    And hey, I’ll be reading from my autobio tomorrow morning – entitled “So Far, So Good.”

  3. Sassy says:

    Damn, wish I was more on the ball this year, didn’t buy any tickets and my sis who is doing PR for the festival turned out to be useless, well her clout anyways, looks like there are some fantastic films this year *shrugs* I will just have to wait till they are released to the general public – that being me (I feel so un-classy or should I say un-sassy).

  4. D says:

    Ah, Classy Sassy. I can never remember to buy tickets, I just managed to get a bunch of comps this year.

    Hey look! Larry Clark did a teensploitation movie, Teenage Caveman! I’d love to see that.

    Oh, wait. all his films are teensploitation.

  5. Jerms says:

    D’s autobio reading will be followed by mine, entitled “Hungover and Horny: A Life of Underachievement”. Its screen version will be shown at the TIFF in 2005 if all goes according to plan.

    Report back on The Four Feathers please.

  6. D says:

    Hungover? Horny?

    Welcome to my world.

  7. Jerms says:

    I’m glad I’m welcome in your world. I return the offer…
    Spun sounded like a goddamn disaster. Comments?

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