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jazz cigarettes

Finally, those unelected bastards do something right. Go Canada!

UPDATE: I’ve been thinking about this.One of the report’s recommendations: “introducing legislation to stipulate conditions for obtaining licences for producing and selling cannabis.”

So who would be qualified for this plum job? Will higher-ups in the grass industry be presenting their resumes: 1974-present: self-employed weed distribution agent; oversaw millions in sales to the neighbourhood’s indolent? Does it mean The Weed Store will open up next to The Beer Store? Will the Americans invade, Columbia-style?

Aw man… it’s all happening, man!? Those hippies in the Senate have really pulled one over, man!!

7 comments on "jazz cigarettes"

  1. LES says:

    Time to kick-ass!

  2. king says:

    A 600 page report on weed! They must burn more than enough coolies in the senate. That’s a lot of fucking work.

    Especially for Canadian sinators(sic).

  3. dan says:

    Go to Canada, more like.

  4. Dude18 says:

    Yeah dude! Go 2 Canada dude! Like go there dude! Go tweice dude you get highs dude!

  5. Jerms says:

    Further to a conversation had with LES last eve, imagine the revenue generated by taxing pot? I feel D’s image of The Weed Store is a distinct possibility. Imagine subway lines built on the back of purple smoke. Magnificent…

  6. César says:

    oh… waca waca?

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