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Portugal 1, Nickelback 0. (via

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  1. Sassy says:

    Haha – thats some funny shit, serves him right for being such a dork.

  2. D says:

    Hell-ass-9 yeah. Damn I hate nickelback.

  3. Jerms says:

    9 Nickelback. This is a small victory for music lovers everwhere. I find it shocking that “Chad” considers his bilge “rock n roll”. Twat. Chad is a terrible name don’t you think?

  4. Chad says:

    You can make fun of a guy for being a loser, but the guy didn’t choose his name.

  5. D says:

    Chad, is Chad short for Charles?

  6. Jerms says:

    I think Chad might me an acronym for “Cock Happy Ass Death”. I’m sure I read that somewhere…

    Chaz is short for Charles.

  7. Chad says:

    As far as I’ve been told, Chad is short for Chardvark. As for the acronym, I guess Jerms is being mean?

  8. Chad says:

    Wonky timekeeping at Chez Sankey?

  9. Jerms says:

    I’m very much into generalizations actually Chadvark and, unfortunately, your moniker is one which I have had a fearsome loathing for from a very young age. It stems from an incident with a Chad when I was a wee lad that I don’t really want to go into. I therefore condemn you and all other Chadvarks worldwide (although I defy you to find a person named that outside North America). Mozambique or Botswana are far more promising names I feel if you want to go down the African country route. Even Zaire is more solid. No offense of course me old mucker.

  10. D says:

    Wonky timekeeping at Chez Sankey?

    Very much so. I’ve been trying to whip the munchkins into shape and get them to fix the clock, but the damn things are so lazy.

    And yes, from what I can tell, Jerms is a horrible, horrible person. Welcome, Jerms — and Chardvark too.

  11. Chad says:

    What happens, exactly, when parents tell friends and family, “We’re naming the baby Chad?

    What surprises me about names like mine is how two people can agree that it’s not only a nice name, but worthy of their own progeny. It brings to mind those freakish couples that somehow realize they share an interest in sex slayings.

    Other names I find personally appalling:
    Jared Leto

  12. Jerms says:

    Lance is a truly awful name, I agree. Allow me to put forward Brad as well. Surely nickelback has a member called that? It would make so much sense. Garth is dreadful, as is Wayne (with one major exception of course).

  13. D says:

    New name, invented this weekend: Dolphin Von van der Spaniels.

  14. Jerms says:

    That’s great D. Do you remember a ski jumper called Horst Bulau? That’s my favourite name of all time I reckon…or Ugo Bizarri.

  15. D says:

    Anyone named Horst is a friend of mine.

    Horst Stormer, Horst Werner, the Horst Group, Horst Bunke, Horst Leps – so many great Horsts out there! The Horstscapades never end!

  16. assdeath says:

    Nickelsmack, where’s your moo-ma’s asscrack? she’s on her back, in black, being a snack for the worms with nasty ass pussy germs. After you the groupies said “ow, it burns”. Wait, wait, it’s now your turn – silence – ohh stop, todd kerns wants to sleep with you. GET GLUE.

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