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Lists for the 100 highest-grossing films at the North American box office, both adjusted for inflation and unadjusted. Remember, the unadjusted one is the one that gets used all the time, and it’s basically gibberish when you think about how much people used to pay to see a film…. arg! suppresses long-winded rant (thanks, kafkaesque)

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  1. Kenny Fang says:

    Where the fuck is Kubrick on the inflation-adjusted list? Is he not considered ‘American’ or did 2001 just not make as much money as I’m thinking it did…? Speaking of which is 2001 his highest grossing film, with inflation-adjusted?

    The non-inflation list is completely obscene. What a fucking joke…

  2. D says:

    Yeah, 2001 is the highest-grossing. Here’s the 2001 box page at the IMDB, which lists $56-million as the domestic gross and $190-million as worldwide (does this include domestic? I’m guessing it does). However, Eyes Wide would eclipse it on the unadjusted list. Interesting that 2001 did bigger business overseas – especially considering international grosses were typically much smaller in the 60s, the Yank Studio Cartel’s fiendish takeover of film distribution worldwide not yet complete.

    Yeah, I can’t stand that unadjusted list – it’s total fucking nonsense, yet it’s the one that Johnny Hollywood Shitbag trots out every time he wants to brag about his high-octane box office romp of the month.

  3. tv says:

    I find it a little hard to believe that The Bells of St. Mary’s is only Number 47 on the adjusted list. Back me up.

  4. tv says:

    I find it a little hard to believe that The Bells of St. Mary’s is only Number 47 on the adjusted list. Back me up.

  5. tv says:

    What? Just because I click ‘POST’ twice, it posts twice??? I demand to see the administrator!

  6. tv says:

    Vaguely interesting: The Grinch is Number 18 on the (unadjusted) all-time domestic list, but 279 on the international list. That’s quite a disparity for a modern blockbuster. It’s an American story, sure, but aren’t they all?

  7. D says:

    > I demand to see the administrator!

    Oh no, you don’t want to see him. He’s a real shitbag.

    Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman? Jesus.

    Why would that happen with the Grinch? I developed a short-lived theory that different studios split domestic/international markets, but it doesn’t fly. Then, one could point out that Christmas mascots vary greatly by region, and that Santa is specifically American, but Santa isn’t even in Grinch, as far as I can recall. The Grinch itself is a nice pan-national seasonal villain that everyone should be able to get behind.

    Aw, fuck. Let’s just say grinch is a shit movie, and everyone knew this except the Americans, who are too dumb to notice.

  8. tv says:

    I’m going to start spelling ‘mustered’ as mustard.

  9. D says:

    If you’re american, this could help lend credence to my cop-out yanks-are-dumb theory. And as I’m semi-American, I too can speed my theory along by poking myself with sharp things.

  10. wes says:

    I am now dumber for having come to this website.

  11. movie maniac says:

    If they have the North American Box Office stuff adjusted for inflation, why don’t they have a list of how the movies did Worldwide adjusted for inflation. I’ve seen a list of Worldwide Box Office results before, but why doesn’t any darn site have an adjusted list. I hope the people who make this site are reading this. And I hope they’ll convince other sites to add the list to their site.

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