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The 5k winners will be announced soon. There’s some cool-beans stuff over there, including minigames like Wolfenstein 5k and Pixel Ninja; I also love the scale model of the solar system, the mad animation box and city blossom. All under 5k!

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  1. rt says:

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  2. rt says:

    No man is real we are only faximilies of our former selfs before the great military battle that end our stupidly great civilization. Before and during the fight and even to this very moment over 2.6 hundred billion
    species of man, plant, and animal died during the rediculous battle over a few countries or even little pieces of land worth nothing to man kind, it all got destroyed during the great fight. It led to the desruction of all boundries and destroyed all our counteries and end with the complete destruction of the known and even unknown world. All of those planets and species even close on Earth were lost over petty little disputes between power hungry dictators and presidents. We have to change our way of dealing with people and treating our fellow man and even those terroists after a few talks could come to peace with america. And with all of those angry stubborn people/families from 9/11 can let go and be peaceful even if they have to deal with the very maliciuos murders that murdered their relatives/friends. I say to you let everybody be treated fairly and let what was done be over and let it all go for the sake of our planet and us, try and get along!

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