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insomnia, nicky katt

So Insomnia, then. Saw that. Loved it. Lived it, later. It’s a simple structure, which one might or might not expect from Nolan after Memento, but there are layers of meaning in it that can keep unfolding in one’s head afterwards. The central issue is that age-old question of whether the means justify the ends, so it reminded me of my favourite Dash Hammett book, Red Harvest. There’s also a question of motive: Pacino’s character says to the hairy antagonist, “who gives a fuck about motive,” but of course he himself is torn apart figuring out whether he meant to shoot his partner or not. And yes, there was a sleeping failure of my own, it was sort of a double feature – but there are other things to blame than the film.

Hell, what I wanted to mention was Nicky Katt, whose blowjob crack in Insomnia sounded so much like something his Limey character might have said that I can only assume he authored it. He’s my new fave character actor, right after Ricky Jay. I’d like for the two of them to do a buddy cop picture as soon as possible. Ideally something involving smack-dealing elves.