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This is for off-topic messages of all sorts, random comments, whatever else.

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  1. D says:

    New secret comment hole!

  2. lucille says:

    Wow.Spanks Dspot! I know this box is really just for me…to shut me up & keep me from posting random, off-topic bullshit.
    I’m pondering 2 things:why anal stimulation/penetration between straight couples still seems to be an issue. #2.Why I still dont know exactly what I believe happens to loved ones after they die. It’s an ass/death kinda day.xo

  3. TheDiscourse says:

    I sometimes wonder what happens to dead teens and their asses when they die.

  4. TheDiscourse says:

    Holy shit that was in poor taste!

  5. juice says:

    This morning some shitbag farted his ass off on the subway. I was faced with making the decision to breath it all in through my nose or swallow it. Today I decided to eat this strangers farts & now I feel as though his mulching stench is trapped within the fibres of my clothing. I think his gas gave me a belly ache, I feel violated.

  6. juice says:

    Dearest Discourse, there is no such thing as poor taste within the secret message box. I’m personally inviting you to visit anytime you feel to be a bad ass, off-topic, sexually perverse weirdo that’s full of swears & thoughts on things that dont matter. Your comment would only have been in poor taste if you had rubbed a dead teens ass for good luck before betting on a horse or something.

  7. juice says:

    I’ve always been a poor sport & it’s not something I’m proud of. when I was 6 & 7 yrs old I would draw tiny designs on the backs of memory game cards so I always won. At 8 & 9 I was knocking all the pieces off the board game so we could start again. At 10 & 11 yrs old I would throw the bat behind me to hit the back catcher on purpose if the other team was ahead. Last night the Leafs lost & I ranted about how bad they sucked, that they were losers. I take it back today. Forgive my poor sportsmanship.

  8. ÿ says:

    This Gore guy’s awesome.

  9. D says:

    Yeah, shit, wasn’t that hot?

    What’s cool is that he seems to be the new Dem attack dog. Bush has got tons yo, including Cheney.

  10. marijke says:

    Maybe Kerry should choose him as his running mate…
    Victory lap?

  11. tv says:

    Nice site you’ve got here! I’ll be sure to check back in the future.

  12. ÿ says:

    Sweet hilarity.

  13. D says:

    OK I know I’m crazy and I think spammers are EVERYWHERE including under my desk and inside my mind, but couldn’t this be comment spam?

    Who knew that the growth area of artificial intelligence would be advertising on the internet? What the shit!

  14. D says:

    Well, I’m still busy redesigning and preparing a new CMS. It’s both fun and frustrating. Can I call that “funstrating”?

  15. D says:

    Half of the things I say are questions. Is that okay?

  16. D says:

    BTW I am fucking sick of the Drake Hotel, and I haven’t even been there yet. Surely this city can support more than one in spot at a time.

  17. marijke says:

    that wasn’t a question. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern would kick your ass!

  18. D says:

    Sorry. Am I sick of the Drake Hotel?

  19. marijke says:

    aren’t we all?

  20. D says:

    Sorry, that sucked; is it not indeed tricky to respond to “aren’t we all” with a question?

  21. marijke says:

    am i supposed to continue this?

    has the joke played out now?

    could we not go on forever?

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