Angry Robot


… is relaunched. We got bought out by some media conglomerate, the skitfaced media group. There’s a new fast server, new design, and lots of new content, such as: the karaoke singman; the chork I promised you, from Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems; ball (what is round?); S.A.N.D.W.I.C.H., the Special Association for Narcotics, Deception, Witchcraft, Infanticide and Hatred; the sleazy International Universe; a research log by the lab that invented the BEG9 Begging Robot; new bios of the 7 Tiger personalities; and the hot, lonely new food system, El Horno. A few of the new sites will be updated frequently, so keep checkin’ that shit out. If you have a weblog, or any other personal mass communicatin’ device, and you like what you see, spread the word! We want to get the word out and rustle up some nice traffic.