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Rock band name needed. Apply within. Don’t be shy. Prizes awarded!

Tentative: Taffy. Merb. The Stiffy Problem. Sankey and the Idiots.

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  1. D says:

    …and I’m not updating this bastard until I see some good Band Names, so submit! Band Names!

    Regular readers, now’s your chance to give something back. I don’t want your money, I want your band names. Band Names!

  2. mageebags says:

    You could use my old band name: Joey Five-Cents and Rigor Mortis.

  3. mageebags says:

    Other suggestions:
    Heat Rash
    Stinky Cheese
    The Jenkins Report
    Yes, Strawberries Please

  4. LES Mann says:

    Candy Machine
    Sweet Success
    Penis Fever

  5. D says:

    Diet Rock
    The Impregnating of Junior Wells
    Bingo’s Girdle

  6. D says:

    Bang Party

  7. mageebags says:

    Alcoholic Co-Worker
    That’s Not Your Deli Meat

  8. mageebags says:

    The Ford Motor Company Presents: Cum-Gargling Biker Apes

  9. konr/.d says:

    The Bunnies

    >(got to love bunnies!)

  10. D says:

    Gay Mom
    The Pants Project

  11. LES Mann says:

    Gas Lover
    1/2 In Love With Stalin

  12. D says:

    Thanks everyone. That shit is dyno-mite. Keep at it. Band names!

    Global Concern
    Adequatastic (I stole this one)
    Band Name
    The North American Night Scavengers
    The Urban Sea Birds

  13. Anonymous says:

    The camel toes
    Dirty Sanchez
    Shit Show

  14. D says:

    Prize details: if the nameless rock band in question uses any band name suggested herein, the suggestor will receive a copy of Gene Simmons’ Kiss and Make Up”, courtesy d/blog.

    So keep it up, yo. Band names!

  15. Sass says:

    The Skankeys
    Fat Chicks on Diets
    Asless Chaps

  16. Dean Allen says:

    1. Hector
    2. Rumblepants
    3. Clung
    4. Power Ballad
    5. Scrape-off
    6. Up Chuck & Di
    7. Just Dusting
    8. Whodamanyoudaman
    9. Shut
    10. Nutcrunch

  17. D says:


    You the man now, dog
    Rock Opera

  18. 1. Sanks For Nothing, You Bastards!
    2. On Daragh (sexist, sorry, and guessing at pronunciation.)
    3. Scraping Sankey Off The Wheel
    4. deeb log
    11. CheeseFinger
    72a. The Who

  19. D says:


    Oddly enough, Daragh rhymes with Sarah. Except when it rolls from the tongue of an Irishman. And sadly, Jay Sankey has already taken most of the good Sankey-related names (sankeydelic, sankey very much, sankeytized, etc.)

    And now, back to the Band Names!

    The Who 2: The Other Band Named ‘Who’
    The Who 2: Please Don’t Sue
    The Rolling Stones 2: These Aren’t the Stones You’re Looking For

  20. mageebags says:

    The Who 3: The Quickening

  21. D says:

    Highlander 4: the Band
    Highlander 4: The Bandening

  22. Anonymous says:

    Snake and balls
    Close your ears
    nails on chalk board
    painful noise

  23. mageebags says:

    Highlander 5: Still High
    Highlander 6: You The Immortal Now, Dog!
    Highlander 7: Going Through the Motions
    Highlander 8: The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West

  24. mageebags says:

    Highlander 9: The Immortal Takes Manhatten
    Highlander X: Now With 50% Less Sodium
    Highlander XI: Last Immortal To Leave, Turn Out the Lights

  25. tower2 says:

    september 11, REMEMBERANCE

  26. D says:

    All serious all of a sudden! Not to make light, but that might not be the best band name, maybe? Would limit the repetoire a little?

    October 27, MY BIRTHDAY
    December 25, CHRISTMAS

    Now there’s some reeeal band names.

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  28. king says:

    Once you figure out a name, you can test it out here.

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