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Who likes dub music? I like dub music. Hell, I like dub music one heck of a lot, especially after grooving hard on Kruder & Dorfmeister for the past little while. I especially loved how they stick largely to remixing other people’s songs – but changing them sooo much their interpretations were, for all intents and purposes, creations. And then I learn that’s what dub music has always been about, from this excellent history. See also the pages on hip hop and electronica.

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  1. dan says:

    I count K&D as one of my all-time faves. Have you heard Peace Orchestra by Peter Kruder? Also read DJ Krush and almost anything off the Ninja labels, although they’re less dubular and more breakbeatastic … cheers for the links btw.

  2. bryan says:

    also check out Thievery Corporation if you haven’t heard them yet… very good…

  3. konr/.d says:

    Good choice D, dub/downtempo is a excellent music genere. I can’t even imagine why some people don’t like it. The slow & tranqualizing beats create great soundtrack to chillaxin’ or doing whatever.

  4. D says:

    Yeah, I love Peace Orchestra, and also Dorf’s ToscaSuzuki is awesome. And I’m a huge Ninja Tune fan, especially of Amon Tobin (whose website is pretty hardcore BTW – check out the supermodifier), Coldcut, Clifford Gilberto and Kid Koala. Love Krush too, but I haven’t heard anything by him in a couple years. I’ve been meaning to check Thief Corp. for some time. I should get on that, a friend has a couple albums I think.

    mmmm… chillaxin’.

  5. Domenic says:

    Here is our personal expression for our love of dub music:
    We’re studio headz looking to slow down the tempo of life just a wee bit.


  6. j says:

    dub is the place! check out new dub and links at the psychedelic dub club. club

  7. dubhead says:

    lots of good downtempo and dub on
    check out dubone , authist , canartic.

  8. dubone says:

    thanx dubhead! our music can be found:

    lots of good downtempo and dub

    jah bless 😉

  9. dubone says:

    if u guys like all that mentioned above u gotta check out “dub plates from the elephant house vol.1+2” by the groove corporation AND “second light” by dread zone.
    unbelievably well hung dub!

    jah bless,

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