Angry Robot


Honda has rebranded what was previously called the Honda Humanoid Robot as “Asimo”. He is available for “rental business” now. What the hell? What can he do, give speeches? Bookkeeping? Can he mop? I don’t understand.

Oh wait: “…customized according to a wide range of user requirements…”
He’s an escort. Asimo, the back-door robot. Although it must take a crane and a team of experts to restore him to vertical position after the post-coital smoke.

2 comments on "asimo"

  1. unknown user says:

    He’s an escort

    does that mean that the person who rents him gets to have dirty sex with a robot?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Asimo for now may be an escourt but this technonolgy will probly be the first humanoid robots to explore the galaxy. And only a pervert would want to have sex with an escort

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