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It's new!

I’ve messed around with the entire site. I talked, and talked, and talked, and now I finally did it. The backend is now MT, and the frontend is all crazy-redesigned. Now I need your help. As always, different browsers display things differently, so I don’t know how my pages look on your browser, and I need you to tell me. So hit ‘comments’ below and tell me. Thanks.

And all the usual apologies if you get 404 errors all over the place. What can I say, I’m a complete hack.

16 comments on "It's new!"

  1. D says:

    *cough* is this thing on? *cough*

  2. mageebags says:

    Looks spiffy on a Mac and IE5…. which is probably what you’re using. Sorry. I’m useless.

  3. D says:

    Well, you’re using it on OS 9 I assume, which is slightly different from my setup…

    Augh! My big problem is with the image links right now. Even in Mac IE, they get a blue background when you mouseover. In IE 5.5/Win they have a sick blue border around them, all the time. I thought I had taken adequate measures to avoid this, but I was wrong. Should be fixed by tomorrow.

  4. king says:

    I think it looks bitchin’. What else can you do?

  5. king says:

    funny enough. That MT link you put up doesn’t actually use MT on their page. I mean, The type doesn’t stay within the dimensions of the window as you change them. Is that just one feature of MT or are there more?

  6. D says:

    kinger, that’s not a MT issue. MT is strictly backend – auto-archiving, formatting, comment sytem etc. You have to do the templates yourself, which I did with CSS – that’s where you can make pages auto-fit, or not.

    What else I can do – well, it looks like sucky garbage in IE/win right now, because all the buttons have fat blue borders around them, but I’ll fix that. Other than that, just little spacing tweaks I think. I’m going to add in a subject listing – you could look at all the film-related trash I’ve written in one place, for example. That’s something that MT brings to the table.

    Also, I need to allow anonymous comments, so you don’t have to enter your email – you’ll all end up getting spammed. Although bags, your pants.pants address doesn’t seem to work. That’s odd…

  7. k says:

    Looks the same in both IE 5.0 and Netscape 6.1 but the mouseovers for the top buttons are a little different. Not a major issue though.

    In Netscape 4.72, it doesn’t look too great, but I suppose you know that, since there is a disclaimer.

  8. D says:

    K, any ideas on the best way to get rid of the blue mouseover with the images? It’s a result of the default CSS link style. I thought I had coded it to not display in the divs in question but I guess that didn’t work.

    I think I have to specify a 0 border for img’s as well, that must be what’s causing the shitty borders in IE5/Win.

  9. k says:

    I will take a look at it tomorrow, and get back to you.

  10. k says:

    Sorry, shoulda previewed first! That’s “all the anchor <A> tags you don’t want to have a background”.

  11. D says:

    Thanks, k. The border trick worked, and when I have a chance I’ll add that style declaration to the image links.

    Cookies: this will probably be included in the next MT release. I’ve seen some code I could adapt, so if I have a chance I’ll put it in place. (My programming is non-existent, but I can cut & place okay sometimes.)

    What CMS do you have on your site? Is that home-grown stuff? Seems very nice.

  12. k says:

    Thanks. Ya, it’s just my own php concoction. The back end isn’t really all that fancy. One of these days I’ll get around to making something a little nicer. My CD entry backend is a little more complex.

  13. D says:

    Well, it’s more than I could do *sigh* You program for a living?

  14. k says:

    Yeah, web programming mostly. Lots of free time at work these days…

  15. D says:

    Okay, the a style worked beautifully. (IE5/Mac OSX, anyway). Thanks for the help, K.

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