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alias web game

There appears to be an AI-style web game accompanying the new TV show Alias. It seems this fake bank site and this page about a Nostradamus-esque (Nostradamic? Nostradamian?) seer are starting points, although I haven’t investigated very far myself.

I’ve seen one episode of the show, and it was surprisingly good: well paced, well scored and not taking itself too seriously. Apparently the creator, JJ Abrams (who was behind Felicity) is taken with Run Lola Run. I found the show somewhat indebted to The Sopranos and True Lies, in that it examines the domestic life of a character type more frequently seen in action thrillers (in Alias’ case, a spy).

Be that as it may, I’m happy to see that the new phenomenon of the web game did not die with A.I.‘s box office still-birth.